5 Paraphrasing Techniques That Teach Paraphrasing Better Than Anyone Else

Paraphrasing is not that easy as it may seem at first. A tricky task of copying someone else’s source is often presented in the negative light but let’s have a deeper look into it and understand the true nature of paraphrasing. In order to write a good paraphrasing copy you need to reject the author’s style and deliver the subject matter in your own way, otherwise, it will be considered as plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a violation of UNC’s Honor Code, and it has serious repercussions. So after your finished paraphrasing you need to make sure it doesn’t match with original source in any way.

How Do You Define the Quality of Your Paraphrasing?

paraphrasing examplesBy checking if the structure of the sentence is completely different, not just plain synonyms substitutions, with such things you can be quickly busted and plagiarism will be revealed.

paraphrasing examples onlineBy checking the word sequence, never follow the trend to leave the word sequence as it was in the first place, it is the worst practice a one can suggest. Never do this but is you do, make sure you wrapped those sentences into quotation marks.

how to paraphraseIf you need the paper to be paraphrased for the academic purposes it is the matter of course, you will be using many sources for your project or assignment so it is okay if you mention the work you used in your writing.

There are numerous of free online tools and sources that can help you identify the percentage of plagiarism in your document, the quality of text and even check the grammar, those are irreplaceable means for the students to ensure that their document meets the authenticity standards. There are top 10 plagiarism checkers widely used by teachers, use them and be prepared!

The experts recommend running your material through each one tool in turns to make sure the maximum mistakes are detected and corrected, however, if you’re writing a dissertation or a thesis the stakes can be really high so it’s better to hand the job to professional paraphrase service.

Use 5 ways to define if your paraphrasing rocks:

  • Your paraphrasing hasn’t lost the main author’s idea
  • You didn’t involve in the topic your own ideas
  • The paraphrasing ideas are accurate and understandable
  • You rephrased everything in your own style
  • You cited the sources used

paraphrasing techniquesIf you want to borrow the idea and paraphrase the expert view it should be done in the most convenient to digest manner, rewrite in your own words the idea and then out it into the quotes. If there’s a condition for the direct speech inclusion you can paste the quote part but it’s still better practice to paraphrase, especially when it’s aimed to be published on the Internet, because this way your material will be indexed by the search engines as original, for this you need to use paraphrasing techniques.

Direct quotes should be:

  • Taken into the quotation marks
  • The author should be mentioned in it (the source or the full name)
  • Should be written attractively (bring readers attention)
  • Be reasonable in length (it desirable to make it short, don’t make it more than 100 words)

How to Paraphrase an Academic Writing

Teachers from all around the world have been developing not only sets of strict rules and standards but also helping techniques and tips in order to make the paraphrasing task less painstaking and more understandable for their students. It is easier said than done – “Use your own words to paraphrase the sentence” so let’s get to some distinctive and practical advice on how to implement this one. There are even games when students need to change the active voice to passive and vice versa, substitute the words with synonyms in order to reach the desirable result, remember the key idea is to combine several approaches. In the lower section you can find paraphrasing examples and learn how to use them properly.

As you might have noticed paraphrasing is not a piece of cake, it’s not limited just to several citings or word substitutions, a properly written copy represents all the key ideas in your own words without having to harp the meaning and lose the initial value. When paraphrasing the source for the academic writing like an essay or any other document you need to adhere to the common writing standards, write simple, formal yet interesting and engaging, this way you can turn your paper even into more interesting material than the original.

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