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Do You Need a Paraphrasing Service?

What most people do not realize when they paraphrase for the first time is just how hard it really is. We use paraphrasing and a paraphrase generator for many different reasons such as to simply avoid plagiarism when we reuse our research and writing elsewhere and to be able to use other writers’ ideas and text without just resorting to simply quoting what they have to say. When we paraphrase we rewrite what the original text said but in our own words. These words need to be substantially different to what has been used within the original if we will avoid plagiarism.

But what tends to happen even for experienced writers is that you will not be able to avoid using some of the original wording or you will somehow change that original meaning. This is why so many students and writers from Singapore will want to find reliable paraphrasing services to help with their rewriting. Our services offer some of the best help that you will find online through staff that are perfectly qualified to help you.

“I needed an agency that had turnaround time which was least and these experts proved that they could do the best work and take the least time. Hence I always use them for any kind of Para phrasing assignment that I get.”

Kelly, USA

Using an Online Paraphrase Service

It is very tempting to use one of the many online tools that are available for rewording; however if you want to be able to use the results you may want to think again. These tools while providing uniquely worded text within seconds and often for free do not often provide you with anything that you would use for your own writing. Many words have multiple meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Even simple words such as “well” can mean so many things. As the software is unable to read it will select incorrect words many times within your rewriting.

True online paraphrasing requires an understanding of the text that can only be provided through a person and not a computer. This is why you should always turn to one of our experts here online for support if you want to get writing that is suitable to be used. Our experts always work with you until you are totally satisfied with the paraphrase created making as many changes as may be required.

Making Your Own Paraphrase

The following guidance will help you with making your own paraphrase that will be unique as well as focused on the audience that you are writing for:

  • Ensure that you know your reasons for rewriting and who your intended audience is before you start
  • Read the source text thoroughly until you are confident that you fully understand what it means
  • Make simple brief notes of each of the points raised within the writing using your own words
  • Reorganize the notes in to what you feel is a logical order for your audience
  • Do your rewriting using the notes and without any referral back to the original source
  • Compare your rewritten text back to the source and change anything that you have accidently duplicated
  • Proofread your paraphrase so that there are no errors in your writing

Our Paraphrasing Services Can Help You

Rewriting can be time consuming as well as very difficult which is why you may wish to engage our experts. They offer superior paraphrasing help as they are post graduate degree qualified in the area of your paraphrasing to ensure that they understand what has to be reworded. Our rephrasing is provided with free plagiarism testing and also proofreading so that you will always be confident in receiving error free unique writing. All work is correctly formatted and our services will always provide your help within the deadline that is agreed. With a full satisfaction money back guarantee on your paraphrasing there really is no reason not to use our services.

So if you want paraphrased text that you can confidently use just contact our affordable and reliable paraphrasing service here in Singapore today!